How to get dual monitors using the gigabyte gaming ga-ab350 and sapphire pulse radeon 500 graphics

i have a gigabyte gaming ga-ab350 motherboard and sapphire pulse radeon 500 graphics card i have one monitor plugged into the card but i would like to connect another monitor using the motherboard because it has another DVI connection. i don't have a hdmi to dvi or vga which are the two types my monitor takes.
my CPU is the ryzen 5 1600
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    You can't use the motherboard ports on a Ryzen build. AMD has not released any Ryzen CPUs with built-in graphics. You have to connect all your displays to your graphics card. You will have to get an adapter to connect your second monitor if the ports on your graphics card don't match. HDMI to DVI is a straight cable conversion.
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