I want to use a PS3 with my PC monitor

I bought a PS3 recently and I want to use my monitor with it. I don't really have the room for a dedicated console gaming space with a TV.

I have a gaming PC I built myself, the PS3 will be used for games exclusive to that console. I read some other forum posts on other sites where people have done this and experienced poor results.

My monitor is full HD 1920x1080/1080p. It's a ViewSonic VX2457- MHD 24 inch with Freesync. It's a gaming monitor.

The Newegg description says "Flexible connectivity options such as DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA allow you to connect to your dedicated graphics card and gaming console".

So it can obviously be used with a console. The issue is that some PS3 games are 720p and my monitor is 1080p.

Will it upscale games to 1080p or anything like that?
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    I dont see the problem, just plug it in and the monitor does resizeable work.
    It works fine.
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