Windows 10 BSOD PFN LIST CORRUPT have dmp files please help :(

I formatted my pc recently and just installed back some games but I keep getting this error again. Didnt have this problem until my old motherboard (Z87-PRO) died and I have to switch to a new one (H81M-D). I also ran memtest68+ for 8 passes just to make sure it wasnt my ram problem but no errors came out.

I uploaded the dmp files here!AvZCj-__iI2qg2KhT7ECqg6grLDQ
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  1. i can't read dumps, there are a few around but they are probably busy. lets see what we can see without them.

    Can you download and run who crashed - it will give us a glimpse of the errors you getting and might help us solve them

    Copy/paste summary in here and I see what I can do :)
  2. Yo, Colif! (Just reinstalled Windows, so gimme a sec while I download WinRAR to open files)

    By the way, kayatoast, can you give us full specs including PSU model?
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    Page File is bust. Try to boot up into Safe Mode, disable page file, reboot, then reenabling page file to see if it helps. Also, you got a buffer overran BSOD and you have just replaced the motherboard. Try to remove the previous motherboard drivers and install the new motherboard drivers corresponding to your motherboard model number.
  4. When op says he formatted PC, I assume that to mean they reinstalled win 10 and then a few games. As such, shouldn't be any old motherboard drivers :)
  5. My bad!

    In that case, page file issues.
  6. okcnaline said:
    My bad!

    In that case, page file issues.

    no problems, i thought you could read the dumps and could see old drivers :)

    I have seen this error be motherboard, CPU or storage as well. its hard to tell without looking at dump files.

    specs would still help.
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