How much to sell new boxed Intel 6800k CPU, EVGA 980Ti w water pump, 1080 Founders edition for?

Need help for prices below, Selling together or separately

Evga 980 ti water cooled barely used in box
MSI 1080 Founders edition barely used in box
Evga 680 gtx,
Intel 6800k CPU new in sealed box .
I'm selling off a couple of rig builds in process and odd extra components

Would appreciate suggested prices for each.

Yes the intel 6800k CPU is in its original sealed intel box. I built a different platform rig so it's just been sitting on a shelf but posts say it's a superb gaming CPU
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  1. Go to ebay, log in and search by individual parts. Filter the results to only show sold listings. That will give you an idea of what people are willing to pay.
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  2. Keep in mind that ebay prices are going to be different from what people generally are willing to pay on tech forums like these or through local classifieds listings. With Ebay you've got to factor in the fees that Ebay and Paypal are going to take for their cut.
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  3. I've settled on 275$ plus shipping for it and a new zalman CNPS9700 LED Cooler.

    I still can't post in the right forum to sell it yet. I've been messaging with moderators to get access .

    If someone thinks that way out of line feel free to MESSAGE me privately with why so we don't fill up this thread.
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