How To Change My Email Associated With My Tom's Hardware Account

I've been forced to change emails due to a high volume of spam being sent to my old email address, among other reasons. Could someone tell me how to either add or change the email address associated with my Tom's Hardware account? There is no 'add account' option under related accounts.

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  1. Sorry, this not the solution but I second that. I haven't been active for a few years now and now I come back wanting to change email from the one I stopped using centuries ago to the one I use now, but there is no option! Help!
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  2. I think that feature is currently broken. You'll need to email Johnny5. More info including the email address can be found in the thread linked below.
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  3. I didn't read through the whole posting, but I did find one email that I feel could be useful for this particular issue and hopefully for others as well:
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