Calling All Star Citizens!! (Tom's Hardware Organization)

Tom's Hardware now has it's own Star Citizen Organization! The THSCO (Tom's Hardware Star Citizen Organization) is targeted at you hardware enthusiasts who not only love computers but also enjoy playing in Star Citizen. Please come and join us!
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  1. As you already know, i'm all in! ;)

    Now hurry up and bring on update 3.0.....
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  2. Is it worth playing yet? I have not played the game as it is still in Alpha, but I definitely plan on playing it when it is at least "semi ready". I have heard that it is supposed to improve with the next big patch.
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  3. feelinfroggy777 said:
    Is it worth playing yet? I have not played the game as it is still in Alpha, but I definitely plan on playing it when it is at least "semi ready". I have heard that it is supposed to improve with the next big patch.

    Yes the improvement is litterally night and day. As of now Alpha is merely a "demo" of things to come. Alpha 3.0 is basically a brand new game.
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  4. I'm in for a Tom's org for sure.
    I actually have two accounts, because bonus codes from buying my R290x ( The AMD racer ship, which wound up being a full game acct, including SQ42)
    So that was a pretty awesome bonus there!
    As long as your idea for a Tom's org isn't to be a scumbag pirate org lol.
    Keeping my second account as a home system/safe system guy, with a Reliant to start, working up to a Connie Taurus.
    My idea for this second acct is to be one to play with new people/casual players, to help them get going in the SC universe. And to make funds to feed my main, who will be b*lls deep in the outer rim, with his Freelancer DUR.

    The affiliate org system is really nice for this, since if people don't know, you could join this Tom's org as an affiliate while still being in your main org with your friends.
    Thus letting us use the in game/website org features for communication easily.

    And of course, we can all share in the "joys" of having a bleeding edge game make our respective rigs earn their keep :)
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  5. Wonderful!! Awesome!!!!

    Yeah no Tom's isn't going to be a pirate org or any single purpose org, it's just gona be casual and you can do whatever you want. The only requirement will be for it to be family friendly (so no cursing).
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  6. I've been looking for something to do in that game. I'm in.

    The old Wing Commander games were some of my favorites.
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  7. Alright it's a GO then!!! 5 people should be enough to create an organization.

    I will keep all you guys up to speed once I create the org, however I probably won't be able to get around to it until tonight.
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  8. I am surely would be eager to be apart of your organization. Stretch_151 star ctizen ID
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  10. Awesome! Don't panic if I don't join right away. Really waiting in 3.0 to go on to this fairly fresh build/Windows install. Especially since it is supposed to update a piece at a time after that, rather than a full re-install like now.

    One wonders how nicely it will load on the shiny new NVMe ssd....
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  11. *standing salute*
    Awaiting first mission directive!
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  12. I added you.

    BTW...Remember guys we get our own spectrum forum aswell, so feel free to start chatting in there aswell:
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  13. I haven't really played the game since Arena Commander first came out (back when the launcher could never apply updates properly), and even then I only really flew around for a bit. My hardware just isn't up to scratch (particularly RAM). The game does run much better than it used to when the hangar module was all we had though.
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  14. Quick question for all you guys, how do you all want to communicate? Should we do it on discord or use spectrum as our primary source of communication?
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  15. Typically I have always used voice and forums outside of a particular game. And in this case, beta and all that. Can also be useful when games have unexpected downtime.
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  16. Makes sense, so should we use Discord?
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  17. Application sent from my alt account to THSCO Remembering alt login info you haven't used in forever.......

    Now for 3.0 to drop.... *waits patiently.
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  18. 3.0 Build is going to Evocati this week it seems so good news for us. 3.0 should be out very soon.
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  19. Woohoo!
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