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So i have gtx 980 ti and an old benq monitor that ive been using for my gaming for awhile. Im really looking to replace the monitor and i love the look of the new ultrawide monitors, but i am so undecided on what to go with when it comes to the ultrawides. I have a budget of 850 USD and cant go any higher. The gsync monitors are what i would love to have since the pair well with my current graphics card and also because i will be upgrading later to a gtx 1080 but theyre so damn pricey! The best price ive found on a UW has the 144hz and gsync but is not IPS. And from my understanding IPS is the best. But then there are Freesync UW monitors with everything from the right price, to 144hz, to even being IPS so should i be settling for this instead? I hear the freesync can actually be used by nvidia but im entierly unsure. Can anyone help me with understanding what is the best route to go? All i want is to make the right decision here for the best gaming UW that i can get thats under 850 bucks
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    Freesync is currently AMD compatible. While the monitors can be used with NVidia cards, you'll lose the adaptive sync ability as NVidia currently doesn't support freesync as it's adaptive sync method.
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