Installing Windows os without removing Ubuntu

I installed windows 10 on my new pc but i had installed ubuntu prior without considering uninstalling ubuntu first. i was just wondering if that is alright and whether or not i could uninstall it (ubuntu) now that i have windows.
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  1. Do you only have one hdd?

    can you show us a screenshot of disk management in win 10?
    right click start button
    choose disk management
    take a screen shot and upload it to imgur and share link here.

    Does ubuntu still work or did win 10 over write it?
  2. just one hdd yes (500 gb toshiba)
    whether or not ubuntu works or ws overwritten is what im trying to find out
    thanks a ton!
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    just looking at this, I think Ubuntu is gone

    as the 2 non windows partitions are showing as 100% free space. What you are going to do with a 93gb empty partition at start of drive is up to you... i would just start again with win 10 and give it all the space, but thats just me.

    the system reserved partition is the boot partition for windows.
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