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I need to buy another windows 10 product key + office professional plus 2016 for a my wife's new laptop i've purchased. I already have the installation media for 10 pro(download from the, so would prefer to avoid buying another copy and waiting for it to be delivered.
Does anyone know how i can buy one from the microsoft store, or where else i can buy just a product key which would be emailed to myself for activation ?
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  1. Install the Pro you have and the 'Activation failed' process should lead you to MS where you can purchase a key.
  2. You can purchase the keys off Amazon. Just get the download version not the keycard. All the download version contains is the key you can copy and paste along with a link.
  3. You don't have to buy directly from the Microsoft store, there are resellers like where you can buy a authentic key. Will save you a lot of money for the exact thing.
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