I hate hate hate Win 10! New build, want to back to 7

Hello everyone. Im going to rant here a bought my new build with Win 10. I love win 7. I have it on my 11 year old Dell XPS 720. So recently I decided to build my own system (just for fun mind you) Intel i76700K processor, Asus Aura z170 Mother Board, Corsair Vengeance 32GB RAM, nice 4GB vid card, a couple of CD/DVD Drives, card reader, extra USB ports, and all hi quality components that I matched from PC Parts Picker. And of course.......WINDOWS 10. So, Im not going into the laundry list of issues I have had here. Way too many to list. Does my unit work?... yes BUT... I had to reinstall 4 times, System Restore at least once per week because of a varity of different issues ranging from Losing my mouse or keyboard, Task Manager is empty or not responding, massive amounts or RAM being used when I can access Task Manager and the list is endless. I want to really know if... I CAN INSTALL WIN 7 on this build and not want to take a sledge hammer to it several times a week. That's it. Plain and simple. I know Microsoft is pushing win 10 down everyone's throat and I heard that win 7 wont be supported??? I don't do anything super high end (I know, my build is over the top) and i don't need (i think) Microsoft s security. I just want my new build to work and win 7 was always there for me. Thanks for letting me vent and any advice/suggestions are all welcome.
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  1. Have you been to the Asus website? I doubt if that motherboard will support Windows 7 but you can go to the website and find out.
  2. Extended support for Win 7 runs out in 2020.

    The problems you seem to be experiencing with Win 10 is NOT normal.
  3. Oh, and by the way, I love Windows 10. I think it is the best, most efficient and well designed OS around.
  4. USAFRet said:
    Extended support for Win 7 runs out in 2020.

    The problems you seem to be experiencing with Win 10 is NOT normal.

    I read the OP's entire post and I agree. The OP is not experiencing or detailing any OS related problems.
  5. it is possible to have issues that have nothing to do with windows 10 at all.
    now that said after having your win 10 install, YOU NEED TO GET THE UPDATES... ALL OF THEM.
    keyboard, mouse issue : I have seem Asus motherboard need to have boot USB legacy turned on to have no keyboard issues.

    what other issues are you having ?
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    While Windows 10 does seem to corrupt itself more often than previous Windows, the issue mostly seems to be Fast Startup which makes every boot a resume from hibernate. Disable that and it is just as reliable except during version updates, when you are the beta tester for corporate (i.e.: paying) customers.

    Skylake and its matching 100-series chipset are fully compatible with Windows 7 so you don't need to resort to hacks like the Zeffy Patch which is required to get WindowsUpdate to work on Kaby Lake and RyZen in Win 7.
  7. Knock yourself out and get Win 7, but as stated what you’re describing probably doesn’t have anything to do with Windows 10.
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