Change out HDD in a Win10 mirrored Storage Space?

Hey. I posted this in the Storage forum as well, but I thought it might get a bit better notice here since it's a Windows 10-specific question, more or less.

I'm using Shared Spaces in Windows 10, and I have two 4TB HDDs set up as a mirror. One of the drives is making weird noises, so I'd like to swap that drive out for a fresh one without data loss.

When I go to Change settings, there's no way for me to remove one of the physical drives from the mirror. Do I need to plug in a third drive and then it'll let me swap one in? Do I have to delete the mirror and recreate it using a new drive? Or maybe there's something else?
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  1. You should be able to add the drive to the existing mirror with no issues and remove the desired one with no consequences.
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