Tried downloading linux, now computer wont boot into windows (read below for details)

I am using a SSD.
So i tried downloading Ubuntu after a while because of personal reasons, halfway troughtout the installation my laptop powered down cause why not, turned it on and it only booted into UEFI mode, couldnt acess recovery mode or anything else, so i tried downloading Ubuntu again because why not, but when i tried doing so it said something related to kernel.

NOTE: i only have acess to UEFI nothing else, no command prompt, no recovery, no nothing, tried re downloading linux and it gave me and error related to the kernel.

edit: okay so i downloaded windows install tool and ran CHKDSK, but it says my drive is write protected.
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    Most probably your Windows installation is a toast. Wipe your SSD clean, then do a fresh install.

    As to why Ubuntu failed - no one can tell with the info you have provided.
  2. well i just did, im not even mad, it was my own fault, i went in the installation with a bad mindset (not a good day overall) and rushed things, of course i had files from my thesis that im gonna try to recover, anyway this is turning into a rant, thanks for the shot of reality.
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