Windows 10 on HDD to SSD. But SSD already has win7 on it with all my files

So as the title says, I have:

- an SSD with Windows 7 (non-genuine) which I've been running for approx. 2 years
- friend gives me a USB with win10 on it which he assured me he knew what he was doing
- Install Win10 on HDD instead of SSD
- Now I have an HDD with Win10 and my original SSD with Win7 and all my files, programs, prefs.

How do I transfer Win10 to my SSD without wiping out all of my files on the SSD.
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  1. You move all your "files" (not programs) to some other drive.

    Then you clone everything to the SSD.
    Or clean install on the SSD.

    Either way, you wipe out everything that is on it.

    Did this Win 10 come with a valid, unused, license?
  2. Good call, moved all my files to another HDD.
    Cloned all to SSD.

    Yes the Win10 came with a valid unused license, thank you for your help!
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