Desktop Ryzen CPU Graces Asus ROG Strix Laptop

The new ROG Strix GL702ZC has a desktop AMD Ryzen CPU inside.

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  1. Come on Toms team, you know you want to call Asus and get one for review. We all know you want, we all know we want and the Universe demands a review from you guys.

    Cheers! :P
  2. An interesting caveat to the nVidia mention in the story is that the 1060 3gb part in laptops is not the same as the desktop part. The laptop part is the same chip as the 6gb desktop part but with only 3gb. Kind of like the name implies. 1060 3gb desktop owners got screwed on that one.

    It's a shame this laptop wasn't available, or maybe an Intel CPU and AMD GPU version, months ago. I ended up buying a laptop with said 1060 3gb due to lack of options.
  3. Ryzen 7 in a laptop and then they don't even give only DDR4-2400? Someone forgot to think there.
  4. Still very interesting piece of technology. I don`t remember last time when I have seen highend amd laptop!
    Very interested in seing this in the test.
  5. Love seeing alternatives to Intel in the laptop world. I am curious to know what the cost is going to be and what kind of battery life this beast gets!
  6. i bet you will be able to upgrade the CPU to the upcoming refresh if not the Kyzen 2700
  7. Can you imagine the upgrade possibility ?!

    Grab a 12nm Ryzen during Easter time and upgrade this with even more performance and lower power consumption.
  8. it's hard to find out wich model has the 120Hz display
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