Looking for Cheap 1080p Gsync 144hz Monitor

Hi Guys,

I'm been searching for past few days for the above...a cheap 1080p 144hz G-Sync Monitor, 24 inches maximum (I really don't want it larger).

The best I could find which meets my requirements is the AOC 24 Inch, shown below, which sells for £378 on Amazon.

Anyone able to find cheaper alternatives? As I feel this is a overpriced.
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    there are a lot of benq monitors I paid under 300 for 27inch XL2720Z but they do not have all the features you are looking for but more than enough customisation worth looking at.
  2. Thanks, I've just decided to get a 144hz and not g-sync. I hear a lot of people say that at 144hz screen tearing is less apparent, although it still exists, on a much smaller scale. I don't think I want to pay more than £100 simply to remove the minor screen tearing issue. Thanks for your help tho!
  3. well yeah its far better to put the £100 in a better GPU
  4. I already got a 1080ti xd, I just don't like spending a lot of money in minor differences
  5. very nice no problems there
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