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Hello ive recently been unable to access this account on any of my devices, apparently i was still logged in on this one but when i try to reset my password i get an error saying unable to process request. And after trying what i thought was every version of my password it says my account is blocked can someone helo me to regain access to my account so i dont have to make a new one and lose all my pms.

When i try to login on my phone it says the page isnt working error 500 and on my other tablet it gives me the unable to process request on reset password.

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    solved the issue on my tablet by logging in with my email over account name i guess it was tied to an older email account, or i already have 2 accounts i dunno, but i am logged in to this one is all that matters. However I still receive the page isnt working when i try to go to sign in on my phone though. Any idea why that is?
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    Hey Dabgah,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble. If you're experiencing these errors on your phone you might need to reset your browser app and/or clear your cache and cookies. Let me know if this works!

    Assistant Community Manager
  3. Clearing cache and cookies solved the issue, thank you for the quick response and help.
  4. Happy to help! If you come across any more issues, please be sure to email us at:

    Happy Holidays!
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