Fan amount/configuration in NZXT S340?

I have bought all the parts for my build, which is going to be in a NZXT S340. As you probably know, this case comes with two 120mm fans. One is on top, one is on back, both exhaust (I believe). Two empty fan spots on front. I have tried to do research this question but have never really saw a clear answer. What is the fan amount/configuration I should have? Just move one to the front as intake? Keep them the same? Get more fan(s) for the front, and if so what size (120mm or 140mm)? The motherboard only has 3 fan headers so if you think I should get two more fans I'll have to get a splitter. CPU cooler is the CRYORIG - H7.
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  1. Get 2 for the front as intake , to match your other 2 exhaust.
  2. My plan would be to mount two 140mm fans in front as intakes and filtered.
    140mm fans turn slower and are quieter but still deliver more air than 120mm fans.
    Use one of the supplied 120mm fans as exhaust in the rear mainly to direct the airflow.
    I would plan on using a tower type air cooler. Cryorig H7 is fine.
    By having all the air intake come from a common source and filtered, you will keep your parts cleaner.
    Be careful and do not add a second 120mm fan as exhaust, even if you have it.
    Too much exhaust will draw in unfiltered air from adjacent openings.
  3. So, buy two 140mm fans and the splitter, make both front intakes. One of you said to keep both exhausts while the other said only one is better. Which is better?
  4. Yes, 140mm fans are quieter and stronger.
    A motherboard header has sufficient amps to run two fans. If you buy a splitter, both fans will be controlled in the same manner; I think that is a good idea.
    Use a second header for a single rear 120mm fan.
    No need for installing a second exhaust; in fact, it can be a detriment.
    All of the front intake air will exit SOMEWHERE taking the cpu and gpu heat with it.

    If budget is an issue, you could use both supplied 120mm fans as front intakes and not use anything for exhaust.

    It is easy to change things around later if you think there will be a benefit.
  5. I would add at least fan as a front intake.
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