Dual Boot 2x Windows 10 for work/home with TPM


I am having issues piecing together various internet resources and am not as savvy as I need to be to do this myself:

My company basically takes over my pc to protect the privacy of clients. I have an endpoint user, forced to use McAfee that I do not have admin rights to, TPM encrypted drive, etc. It hogs a lot of my PCs resources.

I have partitioned a small space on my Surface Pro 4 (50gb) to use as my work and the other ~400 gb that I would like to use as a personal partition without all of that nonsense running in the background or the company having an eye on my browsing and gaming and such.

So basically I need to take the windows image off the larger partition and move it to the smaller one, format and install a fresh copy of windows 10 pro on the larger partition, and boot between the two for work and for play. Is this possible, can I use a system image to install the copy of windows onto the new, smaller partition?
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  1. who owns the surface 4 pro?
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    who owns the surface 4 pro?

    I do, I just had to install all of that to gain access to the company sites.
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    I can't see why a std dual boot wouldn't work, but getting from where you are now to there may be difficult. Personally I'd have tried to run the work windows as a VM, leaving the host alone, if they don't like that starting from two clean installations would be best, i'm not sure how all of that would respond to you moving it around.
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