Trend Micro Reveals Phishing Campaign Targeting US Senators

Trend Micro reveals that a Russian government-linked cyber espionage group, Pawn Storm, has been targeting U.S. Senate email systems. The group is responsible for phishing attacks against political organizations from multiple countries.

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  1. If you have seen and heard most USA politicians, then you realize that it doesn't take sophisticated groups of cyber-criminals to get them.
  2. VV it only takes few dollars to make them do whatever you want.
  3. The average age of US Senators is over 60. Not the most savvy generation when it comes to tech. Expect hacks and leaks in future.
  4. Hey, keep that down. I'm in my late fifties and I'm a full-stack engineer at a startup. Besides, it's not the job of the senators to keep their systems secure. Doesn't Congress have infrastructure and an IT staff? End users should be responsible for things like not sending out their passwords when they get an email asking for their credentials.
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