Computer freezing every few seconds after thread stuck in device driver error

I got a blue screen with th error being "thread stuck in driver error". After my computer rebooted I googled and found a thread on here talking about it and took the advice of updating my drivers. After I did the update, my computer started to freeze every few seconds. I scanned with malwarebytes too just to be sure but it's still happening.
Whats going on?
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    you might wanna share us your complete hardware specs as well. if you dont do that, we'll just be guessing here.
    visit your motherboards support site and also try to reinstall your chipset driver. and check for a BIOS update as well.
  2. I have an HP pavilion TS14 sleekbook running Windows 10 w/
    AMD A6-5200 w/ 2.00GHz
    8GM ram
    64bit operating system
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