System date keeps changing, settings etc stop working after a time

Hi all. The past few months I've had a problem where my pc keeps changing its system date and time. This happens after it's been asleep and I wake it up, the date jumps a month ahead, sometimes less. Sometimes it switches back on its own, often not. Often the pc also wakes up from sleep on its own.
Another problems sort of linked to this: the longer the pc is on, the more I have trouble accessing settings and other pre-installed apps. Pictures, settings etc just stop working, there's no error message, the windows just never open. Sometimes their icons vanish if I have them pinned to taskbar. Right after startup I don't have this problem and other apps always work fine, control panel works and I can switch the date back but this is quite troublesome, and I'm wondering if resetting cmos or changing the battery would help or am I totally on the wrong track, I've read about those but I'm still unclear if they're relevant to my problem. Someone also guessed faulty mobo but I'm really not sure. I don't have much experience.

I built this pc myself, I've cleaned it thoroughly and reinstalled the OS which seemed to fix these problems for a few weeks but not they're back. There's no visible damage anywhere nor is the beepcode abnormal when I access bios. I have tried sfc/scannow but it finds nothing. I'm quite mystified by this, I would appreciate any advice you can give!

I'm running windows 10 home x64, here's the hardware specs:
AsRock H110M-HDS
Intel Skylake i3-6100, 3,7GHz, 3MB
Kingston 8GB HyperX Fury DDR4 2400MHz
AMD Radeon RX 460
Western Digital 1TB WD Blue
XFX 430W TS 80+ Bronze
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