do many apps use AVX or is AVX offset buggy?

So I have an AVX offset of 7, to make a 5ghz clock rollback to 4.3 with AVX (currently 4.8 clock and 4.1 with AVX as I Forgot to change back).

I loaded up chrome which is cpu intensive to load up all the saved tabs, and noticed cpu was at 4.1ghz
Aida cache/mem tester also 4.1ghz
FF15 also at AVX clocks.
Windows Defender scan also at AVX clocks 4.1ghz
Hitman PRO malware scan also at AVX clocks.

I think by now you understand what I am saying, it seems AVX is either quite widespread adopted by developers or the offset is buggy, ideally I would just turn AVX off as it seems more trouble than its worth, but the offset is the only option. AVX at 5ghz even at 4.8ghz generates insane load and needs pretty high voltages to be stable, so how are people getting round this problem?

The only game I know for sure that uses AVX is GTA5 which unfortunately I do play regularly at the moment.

But for all the other stuff is this just a bug or do they actually use AVX?
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