The Vive Pro's New Link Box Adds A Power Button, Ditches HDMI

HTC is gearing up for the imminent release of the Vive Pro. The company is now seeding developers with new hardware, and some have taken to Twitter to share their excitement. In doing so, we’ve learned more about the upcoming headset upgrade.

The Vive Pro's New Link Box Adds A Power Button, Ditches HDMI : Read more
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  1. Single HDMI really?
    My 1080ti actually have 3 HDMI, 3DP, and DVI.
    And If we talk about cheaper cards then most common is to have one port of each with DP already used for main display.
  2. I saw rumors about a $800 price-tag in some other forums.
  3. Why are they even releasing this garbage? It is hard to even call it Gen 1.5, you can barely tell the difference between it and the Vive 1/Rift! It is the same resolution as the Samsung Odyssey, which I have tried, and I liked the Rift more. I guess Pimax is going to have the first Gen 2 headset.
  4. Specter your dumb, the vive pro and pimax 8k have the same ppi... the clarity will be identical, with pimax only having more fov. Not to mention pimax has also been having a lot of issues with its headset
  5. This version is better. I hope the price will not be too high)
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