Microsoft Prohibits Use Of ‘Offensive Language’ On Skype, Xbox Live, Other Services

Microsoft's new Services Agreement includes new provisions that would seem to allow the company to suspend or ban users' accounts for as little as using "offensive language" on its services, including Skype, Xbox Live, and others.

Microsoft Prohibits Use Of ‘Offensive Language’ On Skype, Xbox Live, Other Services : Read more
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  1. This is bulls..

    > BANNED
  2. Boycotting Microsoft right now. #1a
  3. If I got banned for getting overly freeky with the Mrs on Skype, next stop will be CNN, Channel 4 news, anybody who will listen...

    It's my conversation, not yours, get out. Stay out.
  4. "Offensive Language" could be defined as anything from making positive comments about the National Rifle Association, or "Make America Great Again".

    It's a slippery slope.
  5. Oh great, now I have to find a new word processor to use when I write my weekly Vulgarians Digest? Thanks, Microsoft. You shitbergs.
  6. "Microsoft agents do not watch or listen to your Skype call."

    Okay... But will that still be true on May 1st after these changes are actually implemented?
    More importantly, is Microsoft selling private skype conversations to advertisers/the government? Also, it sorta looks like Microsoft giving itself the right to destroy thousands of dollars worth of users data and equipment if some low level employee arbitrarily decides they think it's offensive when people use their PC for porn.
    I think it's pretty messed up that companies are allowed to change license agreements -after- you've already paid for it.
    It feels like if a car dealer randomly decided write into an old car loan that he now has the right to break into your garage and repossess the paid off car, because he doesn't like who you voted for. Contracts shouldn't work that way.
  7. kitehkawasaki said:
    Boycotting Microsoft right now. #1a

    5 frogs sitting on a log
    2 of them decide to jump off.
    How many frogs remain on the log?

    It's still 5. Deciding to jump is not the same as actually jumping.
  8. This article is overblowing things and stirring up fear. They're not monitoring Skype conversations. Someone would have to report you for something you said to them, first of all. Second, the fears about losing access to your OS or Office are unfounded. Example: even IF you manage to piss a bunch of people off on XBL and get temp banned or something, you only get tossed off XBL.

    Anyway, while I disagree with the de facto censorship all the big sites and companies engage in, consider this: Google, Apple, all the big social media sites, and Tom's ALL have clauses about hate speech and can temp or perma ban you. This isn't anything special or new, unfortunately. Heck, Google recently got in hot water for flagging users documents and locking them out. I don't think they should be digging through your docs or emails at all, personally. But like I said, I'd rather all the big firms embraced free speech a little more.
  9. good 'ken luck blocking, all you need to do is spoonerism your profanities to confuse it in a lot of case.

    Cupid stunts.
  10. good 'ken luck blocking, all you need to do is spoonerism your profanities to confuse it in a lot of case.

    Cupid stunts.
  11. "Don’t publicly display or use the Services to share inappropriate content or material (involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence, or criminal activity)."

    Yeah, we wouldn't want any graphic violence in your XBox games.
  12. "In the Code of Conduct section, we’ve clarified that use of offensive language and..."
    Perhaps you could clarify what the ambiguous "Offensive Language" is in a clear and concise way? :ange:

    I wonder if this change has anything to do with that fellow in Scotland getting convicted of being "Grossly Offensive".
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