Windows 7 won't detect my second monitor on my Lenovo H50-55

I recently installed a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card, which my main monitor is hooked up to via HDMI cable. I'm trying to run the second monitor on the motherboard's video card via VGA cable but nothing is happening on my second monitor, and the Windows "Display" page isn't detecting the monitor through the VGA cable.

The connections themselves are fine, as my second monitor briefly came on before I installed the GTX 1050 and both the first and second monitor were hooked up to the onboard graphics card.
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    Go to the graphic section in the BIOS, change it to always enable onboard gpu, saving and exit. Reboot the pc, because if you have a primary GPU ( gtx1050), the onboard iGPU will be disable usually.
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