PC Gaming: 4K TV @ 1440p question? Mixed messages?


I've been browsing numerous threads on this question and seem to be reading very mixed responses.

Essentially i'm looking to upgrade my TV to a 4K model (specifically the Samsung QLED QN49Q6F) and am wondering if I would be able to play my PC games through this TV at 1440p and if so what would it look like?

I've heard some folks say that they only get 30fps at this resolution, others say it looks awful and others say it looks great (at least a nice bump from 1080p). On top of that it's hard to discern how much TV tech has improved in the last couple of years and what threads and information are relevant? Also having trouble finding out what resolutions this TV supports or if that's even something TV specs mention anymore?

Any advice would be helpful. I'm on the fence about making this large purchase and this could give me cause to wait. I'll likely be getting a PS4 Pro - but would seal the deal if I could play my PC games at 2K on this thing as well. (I have a GTX 1070 & Intel 6600k).

TV link:

Many thanks.
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    A 4k display will support any res below. They usually have the common resolutions to choose but there is nothing that would stop a custom res to be set for any res below 4k. A native 1440p monitor will look better than 4k scaled to 1440p. This is because scaling will stretch a single pixel over several pixels and blend them causing a blur. This may not be noticeable depending on viewing distance. The algorithm for this hasn't change so tech hasn't changed either in that aspect. There isn't really anything to improve. For many, it won't matter. For some of us like myself who is a visual person, I see the difference clearly and I never scale because of it. I also tend to sit close to take advantage of high res and display size for immersion. You could maintain the scale and have black bars around it but that won't take advantage of the display's size.

    If you don't need a display now, it would make sense not to buy it. If you do need one now it would makes sense to have buy 4k so you'd use it longer. Then just deal with scaling for the time being.
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