BSOD dmp file need help.

Hello everyone,

Recently I've been having a lot of issues with Overwatch crashing mid game on me. I'm able to play other games such as World of Warcraft without any issue and haven't been able to identify the cause yet. I've tried updating windows and GPU drivers, lowering settings in game, reinstalling the game, and I've double checked all hardware is snug and connected.

The Blizzard techs want me to start testing every item one by one. Starting with DDU to uninstall drivers and reinstall. Then run Memtest, checkdisk, and windows system file checker. I'm not sure how to go about doing these yet I will start researching tonight. I was able to play overwatch prior to adding a 1600mhz stick of ram along side my 2x2g 1333mhz, while using 2 x4g 1600mhz my cpu was getting downclocked to 2.4 adding the 2x2g put the cpu back to full speed, running both 2x2 and 1 4g also set cpu back to stock speeds on default bios.

I will try removing the 4g stick and see if i crash but I've read several others having crashes on Overwatch and think it may be from their update. I have the mini dump file from my latest crash and was wondering if someone could help me analyze it since ive never done it before. Here is the link below.

Mini dump:!AgtnRZ2Ua10eaMMI9M4zkIZDY5E

PC Specs: i5 760 2.8 Temps 30-40
Motherboard gigabyte Ga-P55-USB3
2x2g 1333mhz corsair XMS3 and 1x 4g ballistix sport 1600 running at 1333mhz
Zotac gtx 760 temps 40-60 and 70-80 under load
700W corsair Powersupply RS-700-PCAA-e3

The motherboard processor PSU and Corsair ram are all a few years old.

Thank you for taking the time to help.
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  1. How to run DDU:

    Download Memtest86 from here - link - and run it to create a bootable USB. Test each stick of memory one at a time, at least 8 runs each stick. Only score you want is 0 errors, any higher and it may cause BSOD. Remove/replace any sticks with errors

    How to run SFC and DISM
    right click start button
    choose powershell (admin)
    type SFC /scannow and press enter
    once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:
    Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth and press enter
    SFC fixes system files, DISM cleans image files, re run SFC after DISM, if it failed to fix all files and restart PC

    I will ask someone to look at the dmp files.
  2. The link to the minidump file doesn't work. Try it again and I'll see if I can look at the file.
  3. New mini dump url:!AgtnRZ2Ua10ea6MKg73JpnCD0So

    I did a drive scan, windows system scan all clean no errors. Windows memory diagnostic had no errors i tested 2 extended passes, I can use memtest if theres a large difference in the two, i also tested all sticks together, i had a weird issue of cpu getting downclocked if i used only the 1600mhz ram even when set to 1333. I used ddu and reinstalled new drivers. The computer has been running great on other games its just overwatch causing issue. Only thing i can think of now is either psu dieing or the 1600mhz stick is causing compatibility issues somehow
  4. I ran the dump file through the debugger and got the following information:

    File: 051318-33000-01.dmp (May 13 2018 - 06:46:35)
    Probably caused by: ntkrnlmp.exe (Process: Overwatch.exe)
    Uptime: 0 Day(s), 1 Hour(s), 21 Min(s), and 49 Sec(s)

    BIOS information was not included in the dump file. This can sometimes mean that you are using an older or outdated BIOS. Check the PC manafacturer's website for a BIOS update. Note: Updating your BIOS can be risky. Never try it when you might lose power (lightning storms, recent power outages, etc).

    I can't help you with this. Wait for additional replies. Good luck.
  5. IRQ errors are drivers normally, and any driver older than 2015 is a likely candidate

    May 30 2008 Rtnic64.sys Realtek 10/100 X64 driver
    Jul 19 2009 RtNdPt60.sys Realtek NDIS User mode I/O Ethernet driver
    Jan 27 2010 jraid.sys JMicron RAID driver
    Mar 26 2010 RTKVHD64.sys Realtek Audio Driver system driver
    Aug 15 2012 DUKEMS.sys Corsair Mouse M95 driver

    I would update your realtek NIC drivers -

    update Realtek HD Audio -

    See if any new drivers for Mouse, I assume you have a Razer keyboard?
  6. Hello, sorry for the late response i went on vacation and just took some time away from the pc issues.
    I will look at updating the realtek drivers, but as for bios when i formatted and swapped to windows 10 i had some issues with the drivers and mobo recognizing the hard drive( finally got it working) along with the onboard LAN not working and had to install a separate card. i think its the f8 version of the ga-p55-usb3 rev2.0 currently. As for keyboard its just the crappy microsoft that i got with the pc.
  7. I tried running the game with all audio devices disabled and without my hyperx headset plugged in. I'm going to attempt a ram swap this week to see if its a compatibility issues with specifically overwatch and overclocked ram which i was told is a known issue. Even tho my ram is running at 1333 instead of 1600 it lists xmp 1.3 for that specific stick in cpuz and not the others. Then start on realtek drivers and eventually maybe bios tho im not as comfortable doing it alone ill have a friend come by.
  8. Also wondering since im using a hyperx cloud 2 which has the built-in sound card through a usb port would the realtek drivers still be a possible culprit? Every other game works great just overwatch crashes. My bios version is f8 for the ga-p55-usb3 someone suggested i update it but ive never done a bios update so not super sure about doing it
  9. Realtek HD only handles digital or analog speakers so it shouldn't have anything to do with the USB headphones. I have old Steelseries headset, it does the same for them.

    See page 68 of Manual for how to update bios - manual link:
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