UK Police's Facial Recognition Systems Are Wrong Up To 98% Of The Time

A report from the Big Brother Watch revealed that up to 98% of the "matches" made the UK police facial recognition system are incorrect.

UK Police's Facial Recognition Systems Are Wrong Up To 98% Of The Time : Read more
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  1. If these facial recognition mechanisms are that inaccurate, it might be time to say to the police "Sorry but you cannot use these anymore until they are more accurate in real-life situations!"
    I always thought that facial recognition was a big waste of time because shadows are known to 'confuse' the facial recognition systems.
  2. they shouldnt be using them at all. the snoopers charter is an illegal surveillance bill that is way to vague in its scope.
    as for this ai i wouldnt be surprised if they still insist on using it and will try to justify its use at every opportunity as long as it doesn't cost more than hiring real police to do real policing.
  3. Remember, this is The Emperors new clothes. Sell anyone anything, especially if the government is paying. The government always loses money on deals, and someone fleeced the UK Government selling them a magic bean.
  4. Nice that Big Beautiful Woman (BBW) are getting involved in this!
  5. Its time to look on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), without it, no Natural Language Understanding will success. Above failures is typical Deep Learning AI, its time to go AGI @pao_meng. One UK adviser appears don't understand AGI thus police and goverment heading wrong direction. Please convey this msg to UK intel
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