1.4 TBird at 32º c..is this right?

Okay, I have an Athlon XP 1800+ cooled down by the ALPHA PAL8045 (?) with a Delta fan at 5,000 rpm and my friend has a athlon T bird 1.4 cooled by a thermaltake dragon w/ a fan at 7000 rpm. We basically have everything the same, except cpu, and his cpu temp's idle is 32 while mines is 35. I thought the 1.4 TBirds are hot as hell, and the palomino cores were cooler?
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  1. Dont know about the xp, but 32C idle is dam good, mines around that when I run it at 1400 (unless i run vcool - then its around 27) and im watercooled.

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  2. It could just be the difference of the thermal diode measuring the temperature more accurately on your AthlonXP.
    I wouldn't worry about it, it's very cool.

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  3. temps on mobo's can vary... specially if they are from different manufacturers...

    32C... 35C.. both are extreemly good temps!

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  4. Motherboard Monitor? What are you checking temps with?

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  5. 32°C is too cool! My Duron 600@800 under a coolermaster works at 45°C, ambient is around 30°C.

    know any cooler that could do me some good?

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  6. sweet jesus, LOL. my case temp is higher than that :frown:
  7. Temps depend quite a bit on ambient temperature. He may be running it in a cooler environment. Also, as previously stated, motherboards read different temps all the time.

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  8. Wow, ok so no more worrying about that. He just ran prime95 for the first time over night, I wonder what his cpu temp rised to.
  9. Straight up idle temps mean nothing, like an idling lawnmower, not very exciting.
  10. Yes, the Palominos are cooler than the Thunderbirds.

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