Gtx 1070 with 1440p and 1080p monitors with 144hz refresh rate

Hi, i currently have a basic 60hz 24 inch 1080p 1 ms response time monitor, thinking about upgrading, my specs are
Intel core i7 7700k
16 gb ram
Asus rog strix Gtx 1070
Can this setup run 1440p on 144 fps on high graphics on games like for honor and gta v?, or should i play it safe and go for a 1080p 144hz display?
Also is the trade off between the high resolution and lowered graphics setting noticable?
Thanks in advance
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    If you want a solid 100+FPS at 1440P, the GTX 1070 will not cut it at all. You need at least a GTX 1070 Ti - 1080 Ti to get that level of performance.

    That is at ultra settings, if you dial down to high and medium settings, sure you can get 100+FPS. But that's up to you.

    I personally have a GTX 1080 and a 1440P screen and in order to play anything close to 100fps i have to dial settings down to high or even some stuff to medium. But I don't really care, stuff at high settings basically looks just as good as ultra to me.
  2. Well if you have a 1080 and need to downgrade then i guess it will be hard for the 1070, probably 1080p 144hz is the safest bet
  3. Agreed. Also I should add that this is on Titanfall 2, a game that is almost 2 years old by now.
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