Best £20-30-40 processor for high profile ram?

whats the best of all thees price points? so i can choose which one will best suit me, im using am3+ socket
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  1. i meant processor cooler...
  2. one option you can do is go with one of those all in one water this
    or this

    or for air cooling and alot cheaper this
    **Note** that this air cooler does not fit over the ram but what you can do is slide the fan up a little to clear the ram...I have never had the actual heatsink interfere with the ram but only the fan and you can just slide it up....I am sure there are heatsinks that are designed to specifically clear high profile ram but they are prolly over priced and wont perform as good as the cooler master hyper 212 evo
  3. He won't get a Corsair allinone for forty quid, 212+ gets my vote though,
    **Added uk link
  4. totally forgot about the budget lol my bad thanks for the uk link
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