Best £25 cooler for am3+ cpu that works with highhprofile ram?

looking for heatsink + fan with simillar price to cm hyper 212 evo that will fit with high profile ram

Ram that ill be buying is this

motherboard that i might buy is this

£30 max to spend
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  1. hmm so if i was to spend £50 on a cpu cooler what would be the best then? managed to find that ram for £13 so it gets me more money to spend on the cooler
  2. bare in mind i bought highprofile ram
  3. That thing better then a cm hyper 212 evo?
  4. samraptor said:
    That thing better then a cm hyper 212 evo?

    sorry looked into that first one a little more and found it isn't all that good :P this one will give approx 10C better temps than the 212 +... and the fan can be replaced unlike the previous cooler i listed
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