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Hello everyone!
I've a HP computer with windows 10. I don't really know which version it is. I was trying use my bootable USB but I couldn't boot it because it's locked with a password and I don't remember the password... It's not matching with my login password for the login screen. At the bottom of the green it says Optiplex 5060. I'm not sure if that is the PC version or BIOS version but oh well. Is there a way to ignore the password and boot anyway?
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  1. first of all an optiplex is a DELL computer and where is the password prompt. is it when you go into the computers BIOS or are you locked out of windows?
  2. It's against policy at Tomshardware to discuss methods for bypassing password security on devices since there is no way in which we can authenticate you as the genuine owner of the device.

    We cannot assist you in bypassing a password on a password protected system.
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