Black second monitor issue

Hello Everyone,

I got a second screen for my laptop yesterday and connected it for the first time, but no matter what I do I keep getting a black screen.

What ive done so far:

- I connected another laptop to the new screen and the display worked fine.
- I connected my laptop to another screen and the display worked fine there.
- I installed the latest driver for the screen, still didnt work.
- Ran in safe mode with limited drivers to see if it works (was given a prompt that the app for connecting another screen cant be used)

The problem happens when I connect my laptop to the new screen.

I connect the laptop via HDMI, the new screen goes from blue to black, when I change the display configuration from my laptop to laptop only, the new screen turns to blue. The screen is found in the device manager because i installed the driver through there.

New screen: Benq GW2270
Laptop: HP Pavlion 15 Notebook PC, windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Intel I7-4510.

I already went through most of the forums and was unable to find any solution that worked, I would really appreciate some guidance on this one.
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  1. what does "Display Properties' showwhen second display is connected?
  2. Traditore said:
    what does "Display Properties' showwhen second display is connected?

    When I connect the second monitor, I get the ability to modify display setting for both screens. I get the 2 screens shown in the Display properties too, but when i select detect, I get the error message in red that "didnt detect a second display", which I found odd since I am able to configure the display setting for the monitor which is "not detected".

    If this doesnt answer what you asked, please clarify so I can answer back
  3. Issue has been resolved, the problem was related to a faulty charger that was emitting more amps than my laptop could handle. When i disconnected my charger the screen worked fine. I have replaced it with a new charger and the problem has been solved.
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