Pc boots does weird beeps and doesnt display on monitor.

Pc boots, doesnt show anything on screen and does weird series of beeps.

Video with the beeps:

Mobo: ga-870a-ud3
Ram: 2x4gb ddr3
Cpu amd phenom 2 x4 3.4ghz
Gpu: gtx 460

Thx for taking your time with this and thank you in advance

To clarify sometimes it boots up and works fine after rebooting a number of times, sometimes takes me 15 mins of reboot and others it wont work in hours of rebooting.
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  1. it sounds like a motherboard or ram failing. have you tried to take out video card and ram and clean (blow all that dust out of pc)? and putting it back together ?
  2. Nope, already did that, didnt work
  3. if you take out the ram, do you get the same beeping ?
    if not then I sus0pect your motherboard
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