FSP Hydro PTM 650W PSU Review: Clean, Quiet Power for Mid-Range PCs

The FSP Hydro PTM with 650W capacity mostly addresses enthusiast users who need a reliable and good performance PSU, featuring a distinctive looks as well.

FSP Hydro PTM 650W PSU Review: Clean, Quiet Power for Mid-Range PCs : Read more
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  1. Is there a reason why they put the word "Hydro" in the title?
  2. Thanks Aris , nice review , much appreciated.
  3. they want to market it as water cooler compatible... yeah i know..
  4. there used to be some really crappy power supplies in the world but now most of them are fine. you had to be really careful or you burn up everything. that doesn't happen anymore.
  5. there really only three companies that make PSU now and they all just badged for different brands. one might insist on using higher grade but its still a superflower.
  6. rosewill capstones are usually superflower and 1/2 the money
  7. Even so, for guys like me who only use a "normal pc" without OC, this one will do just fine right? Cause i got it from black friday for the right price, while Seasonic stuff are insanely expensive in my country
  8. Some of the Rosewill Capstones , don't get good reviews from buyers , I avoid them.
  9. POLICE_LEDUC113 - Yes, This is a better than average power supply. Not the absolute best but priced in the US with the absolute best. If you got it at good price compared to the competition then it will do well for you.
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