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The PC/Audio worked perfectly until yesterday where it kinda froze while i was watching a YouTube Video. I had to restart it using the buttons on the front. After a quick restart my Headphones were not detected by my PC, so i tried my speakers. Nothing. I was looking at the Sound Mixer and it says i`m using "BenQ RL2240H" which is my Monitor that doesnt have speakers. I checked out Sounds to see if it got DIsabled but its not getting detected at all. Same goes for the microphone.
I tried downloading drivers from Gigabyte`s site and it didnt work. Tried from realtek site didnt work as well. The only thing thats giving me any clue is that in Device Manager it says "High Definition Audio Controller" cannot start Code 10. Tried re installing ALL of my drivers nothing helped, i even reinstalled Windows on it. Still nothing. I tried both the front side and the back side, nothing. I unplugged and plugged audio cables into the board to see if thats the problem, didnt fix it. The specs are following:

Mother Board:Gigabyte Z170-HD3 rev 1.0
GPU:XFX RX 560 2gb OC singe fan
RAM:HyperX Savage 8GB DDR4 2133Mhz x1
Cooler:Cooler Master 212 Evo
PSU: its an office one, i dont know the exact brand
HDD: Wester Digital Blue 1TB
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