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So basically I want to purchase a 240hz g sync monitor just because of the whole idea of how nice it would be (i have a gtx 1070 ti and i5 9600k). However, I heard that you need to cap your frames at about 3 frames under your monitor’s max refresh rate in order for it to work at its finest. If you are playing a game like fortnite (i know i know bad example) it doesn’t have a frame rate limmiter as specific as overwatch does. In Overwatch’s settings, you can set the frame rate to be at 141 hz instead of 144 but in fortnite it only gives you options like 60, 75, 144, 165, and 240. What would happen to g sync if i capped my frames at 240 instead of 237(this scenario wound be if i was playing csgo)? What would happen to g sync if i capped the frames at 240 but my gpu can’t put out as many frames as that so it runs around 160(this scenario would be if i was playing fortnite)? Also should v sync be on or off in NCP? I know it should be off on in game settings. Thanks
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    1) I have never heard that you should cap fps three frames under refresh rate when using gsync, no idea what that is supposed to accomplish. If you go over 240fps with gsync on you may notice some screen tearing, however that is unlikely at such a high framerate.

    2) That is what gsync is for. Gysnc basically allows the monitor to change it's refresh rate on the fly, so if your game is running at 160fps the monitor will run at 160hz thus eliminating screen tearing.

    3) Vsync should be off in NCP and in game ideally when using gsync. They will work together but you will still have the added input lag if vsync is enabled anywhere.

    If your game does not have an FPS cap you can use something like riva tuner which comes with msi afterbuner to cap the framerate. However that would likely be unnecessary with a 240hz monitor in most games, even if you do manage to exceed 240fps screen tearing is usually not noticable at such a high framerate.
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