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Hello all. I have the Acer ET430K and the screen cracked. Acer wants $300 + tax to fix it and I have to pay abut $100 to ship it there. The monitor is about $430 new. I only use it for work to look at architectural drawings. Any suggestion on who could fix this cheaper? A local computer store. I know many may offer but thinking it might be some cheap BS that they use unlike of I had Acer fix it but it's really not worth it if I have them fix it....should just buy new. Thank you very much.
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  1. Cracked or broken panels are never ever worth fixing.

    A replacement panel is not an item that can be purchased particularly cheaply, only from the manufacturer

    Unless you found a repair shop that has the same set with a good panel but broken circuity.

    That is not at all likely with that particular l model.
  2. Thanks a lot for the response. So I can get a branch new one for about $50 bucks more than what it would cost to send it back to Acer for the screen repair. Am I better off doing that or the repair from Acer willgive me the same result as a new one and I save $50? Thanks.
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