Win 10 Laptop stuck 1.19 Ghz

Hi everyone,

I searched for days.. now comes the time where i decided to write another Thread about this well known issue..

As many others had or still have.. I have the same 1.19 Ghz Power saving issue on a Samsung Win 10 Laptop as many others.

I get a maximum CPU speed of 1.19 Ghz on an intel i7 3635QM. Normally @ 2.4ghz and above 3ghz when plugged to the Power supply.

Things I noted: I don't see the Power slider anylonger when clicking on the battery icon in the task bar. when switching between power plans and rebooting long enough i can see it until i reboot again or plug/unplug it from the Power Supply.

What I already tried:
Changing power plans
Turning off all power saving settings, setting minimum cpu state to 100%
different bios versions
drivers.. installing uninstalling battery drivers, Cpu 'Drivers'

My Laptop: Samsung series 8 laptop with upgraded ram and SSd.
Note: I am not using the original Power supply, I changed to a toshiba brick and soldered the samsung jack on the 19v side. It worked like this without any problems for over a Year..

I am out of ideas, Please if someone has some ideas left for me I would really love to hear them!

Best greetings from cold and snowy Austrian Alps,
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  1. The power brick has to provide enough power otherwise it will run at a lower clock.
  2. gasaraki said:
    The power brick has to provide enough power otherwise it will run at a lower clock.

    Hi thanks for your answer but as mentioned above, the power brick is not the problem!
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