Acer Nitro 5 Laptop w/second display Displayport/HDMI Cable

Hi all!

I have a Acer Nitro 5 and planned to use it as a desktop. The Acer has a HDMI out port and my monitor (Dell) has a DisplayPort connection. On Amazon I purchased a HDMI to DisplayPort Cable, one end is HDMI and the other is DisplayPort. Everything is connected properly, I tried to "detect" the monitor, but the Laptop can not see the display. I found the display shortcut and also attempted to mirror my display, nothing happened. Am I doing something wrong here, or maybe bought the incorrect cable?


edit...I plugged a regular HDMI Cable to a 32" TV and got a picture on it. While it looked cool, the 32" is WAY to large. Point is the HDMI out on the Acer works fine, but not with my Dell monitor with DisplayPort.
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    Adapters generally only work in one direction. Read the product description.
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