Some internet functions don't work on fresh windows install.

I just got a new laptop and I proceeded to freshly install windows 10 on it because I don't want all the bloatwear that manufacturers include.

I completed the windows install. Logged into the system and went straight to updates. I proceeded to install all of the available updates which had me restart a few times. After the final restart I went back to windows update to make sure there were no more updates available, and I got the message that it couldn't not connect to windows update. This was the first indication that there was a problem.

I am able to search Google, watch YouTube videos and even download programs. But any process within an application that accesses the internet fails. For example, logging into GeForce experience fails, windows update can't connect, smart screen in edge fails, logging into Gmail in any browser fails, and activating my license key in malware bytes fails.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? Any help at all is greatly appreciated. 

To me it seems like some sort of authentication/security/firewall issue.

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  1. have you checked the web site for laptop and made sure you have latest drivers? IT always helps to check here after an install.
  2. I agree with Colif that it sounds like a driver problem. Re bloatware, I haven't seen much of that in recent purchases I've made, most recently a Dell laptop back in September. In the future I suggest you make a full system backup before making changes to Windows, especially reinstalling. Also I believe it'd be much less of a hassle to go the Programs and Features applet of the Control Panel and uninstall any bloatware than to attempt re-installation of Windows. I'd think reinstalling might void your warranty also.
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