My asus pq348q is not displaying 3440x1440 instead it is displaying 1024x768

I checked the resolution and the maximum it can go is 1024x768
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  1. It could be either you need to update the Nvidia drivers to latest or the fact that your graphic card is too old and can only display that resolution. I have a 560ti orso which is very old now and it can do FHD atleast.

    What kind of GPU you have?
    are you using a VGA-->DVI-->HDMI/DP convert of any kind?
  2. Rtx 2070
  3. That is strange, Are you using DP or HDMI cable?
    But try to uninstall the nvidia driver and update to latest
    if that doesnt help,try another cable,could be a faulty cable
    Where does it say it can only go @ 1024x768? Nvidia Control Panel or the windows "Display settings"
  4. I am using a high speed hdmi cable
  5. I tried to change the resolution but it's stuck in 1027x768
  6. Its a brand new pc build so no drivers
  7. is it pre built or freshly installed?
    either way,go to invidia and download the newest driver with HDMI. if it havent improved try with a DP instead. Even tho HDMI should do this resolution.
  8. Freshly installed and i am uaing hdmi
  9. Freshly installed and i am uaing hdmi
  10. In settings i saw this message:
    Searching for display driver
    Screen resolution,performance,battery life may be reduced until a compatible driver has been installed
  11. Is it the mb driver or nvidia drivers or both?
  12. it may also be you need to install chipset driver for your motherboard aswell
    since its desktop PC,performance and battery life is not factored into this problem.
    Find and install DDU and reinstall it with the following url:
    Its for the rtx2070
    if this doesnt work,try with a DP cable and if its still problem maybe someone else knows or do a RMA on it.
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