Monitor out of range after GPU swap

So i recently had quite a big upgrade from an amd hd 6670 to a gtx 1060.
After deleting old amd drivers and installing new geforce ones and trying it out in a game i had no problems, or rather didn't notice any problems. After i launched a game, it didn't give much performance boost but i blamed it on my CPU and just went with it (since some not CPU heavy games like fortnite ran on the best settings with just some lag spikes). But I soon relised that whenever I tabbed out of the current game, there was a chance for it to say "Monitor out of range" than display the desktop for half a second and give the same "Monitor out of range" message repeatedly. I only was able to solve this with turning my monitor off and on again (wich doesn't works sometimes).

I have no idea, what is happening here, I asked multiple people working in IT or just working with computers as a hobby, and non of them were able to give anwsers.

Also some bonus infromation.
CPU: AMD fx 6350
GPU (old): AMD HD 6670
GPU (new): GTX 1060 6gb
Monitor: 1280x1024 60hz
Cable: HDMI with a DVI adapter on my monitor since it's old
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  1. nikoskostantopoulow said:

    the out of range thing doesnt happen on booting into windows so this wont really solve it, although thanks for the quick reply :)
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