E6750 won´t let me oc higher than 343 mhz

Hi dears,

well i got a strange problem. i read so many articles about how high a e3670 can be oced, but it won´t work with me.
my system is:
gigabyte g41m-es2h mobo
e6750 dualcore cpu
2x2 gb kingston ddr2 ram 800 (equal)
and a standard microsoft fan.

well, so first question is, could my prob be the fan? a friend of mine assumed that, but first my problem in detail.
i read several oc instructions, followed them exactly but the result is always the same. everything above 343 won´t work. the pc is restarting and setting everything back to the defaults (which is 2,66 ghz).
here is in short what i´ve been trying:
setting vcore up to 1,4
setting system memory multiplier up to 2.00
setting dram voltage to 2.000
disabled eist and ec1
tried dram timing with 5-5-5-15, 4-4-4-12
and so on.
btw, what effect has the changing of the dram timing?
didn´t find much bout that.

so the final question: is it really up to the fan?
i mean if it´s the fan, would it really not boot at all or would it just get to hot later on. i can´t imagin it´s the fan, since the core isn´t that hot right after changing the cpu host frequency. besides i read of ppl who overclocked the e 6750 far higher with standard cooling than i can.

anyways, here are two screenshots of my current settings, which just work up to 343 mhz. sorry for the bad quality btw.

would be bloody thankful for help, since this prob really keeps me busy for days now!

thanks very much in advance!

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  1. The problem is likely your motherboard. The G41 is an economy chipset that just doesn't work well past 340 - 350 MHz depending on the particular sample. That is why the G41 works great with CPU's with 200 or 266 MHz FSB freqs and relatively high internal multipliers.

    I have a G41M-ES2L with an E6500 (2.93 GHz - 266 MHz X 11) running solidly at 3.66 GHz. If I push the FSB as afar as it can go, it will run a little past 3.8 GHz. The same chip in my old EP35-DS3P motherboard will run past 4.0 GHz.

    If you want to spend a little money on a dead system (hey, I have 4 Core2 desktops :)), newegg has the new E6500 for about 80$ and the new E6700 for $85. The E5200 series is even cheaper and they are just as good overclockers in the G41 boards.

    For CPU's with a 333 MHz FSB, you will be lucky to get a 10% overclock.
  2. Hi jsc and thanks a lot for your reply.
    Well, if i get you right, it´s then up to the CPU?
    That really confuses me, since i read so many articles bout persons who could overclock it very well.
    Besides the E6750 is known as cpu with very good overclocking properties.
    So you meant it just does not work in combination with my Economic motherboard, right?
    Ain´t it cheaper then to buy a new motherboard instead of a new CPU?

    But many thanks for your suggestions, i gotta check the prices here in germany, maybe your suggested CPUs are cheaper than a motherboard that can handle my CPU.

    Thank you again so far!
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