Best CPU Cooler for ~£20?

Hi all, just wondering what peoples opinions are for the best CPU cooler for Intel (and AMD for that matter as I am building a friends PC too) for around £20 is. I know the Hyper 212+ is a popular choice and it is coming in at £19. But I was wondering if there were any better for a similar price?
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  1. The 212+ is by far the best for this price I think only the Zalman CNPS10X-Performa is better at under £30.
  2. ^ +1... it depends on your cpu and its OC levels... for a i7 9XX series or AMD PhenomII X6 with serious OC avoid the 212+ and go for the Zalman for a couple of £ more... for most other cpu's the 212+ should be able to manage the thermal output...
  3. Just an i5 750 and an AMD 955 currently. However, depending on affordability the AMD 955 may actually be an 15 2500K.
    If the Zalman is notably better, at £24 I would have no issue picking it up instead
  4. The sandy bridge are cooler cpu's... even with a mad OC it can be handled by a reasonable cooler... either the zalman or the hyper 212+ will do the job...
  5. The Hyper 212 + is actually the best value for money cooler you can get (according to OC reviews from several reviewers/testers, including Tom's Hardware). Coupled with another fan like the one he already has on, you can even beat the Zalman in terms of cooling.

    I'm getting myself one now one of these days, and I plan on replacing the stock fan it comes with, with two Cooler Master R4-L2R-20CK-GP fans, the recommended replacement fan for this specific cooler, whilst running cooler and sporting blue LEDs.

    This combination makes this cooler the best pick for under £30.

    The kit comes complete with mounting brackets for another fan, so you don't need any other brackets to finish the cooling excellence... :D
  6. Hmm, I may just go with the Hyper 212+ regardless and if I feel need more cooling power just slap on another fan
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