AMD x4 955 Cooler (£65)

Hi guys I recently got some money for christmas and would like to get a better CPU fan. I would like this fan to be very stable and durable because I take my computer to my Dads every 2 weeks and it is in the car for one hour. I would also like it to have decent overclocking potential, it doesn't have to be incredible but I would like to overclock my CPU seeing as it's a black edition. Lastly I would like the fan to be quiet... that is almost a must because the stock AMD fan is anoying the hell out of me.

I will be spending £65, minus costs for thermal paste(I don't mind using the stuff that comes with the fan as long is it is of decent quality, if not please link me to a good thermal paste) and thermal paste remover (


EDIT: It also needs to fit into an antec 300 case, and I would also prefer air cooling as it is much safer than liquid unless you are sure you have found a liquid cooler that has some sort of refund of computer parts if it leaks.
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  1. For the money, something like this will do you very well:
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