Intel core i7 temp is reaching 85° C on load.

I am trying to overclock my Core i7 930 to 4.1 Ghz using 1.34 vcore and 1.325 qpi voltage.

I am using a Coolermaster Hyper 212+ heatsink and Antec 902 case, and I placed the case infront of an airconditioning unit with the intake fans sucking cold air from the airconditioning unit.

The cpu temp at idle was about 45° C but when I run prime95 (Blend test) the cpu temp reached about 83-85° C which is almost double the idle temperature.

Is that normal for the CPU to reach a temp that high?
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  1. Yep, very normal for an i7 running at 4.1 Ghz with a 212+.

    The only way you can run that high with decent temps is to get a high end (NH-D14 or Megahalems w/high CFM fans,etc.) cooler or go water.
  2. As far as I know, anything over 75C for more then short periods of time is not good for the well being of your CPU. With the cooling system you have at the moment then I would say that you could probably manage an overclock of 3.8GHz with a lower temp.

    also remember that virtually ALL programs (except prime95 and ther benchmarks) and games are never gonna reach 100% CPU usage for long steady periods of time. i.e I play Battlefield: Bad Company 2, everything maxed out and only some of the cores are randomly used, the usage bars for each core jump up and down between 0 and no more then 78%. Temps for CPU are only about 67C under load. (but this is UK and currently having a cool patch)

    I'm, using an i7 920 @ 2.99GHz, (i will be taking this upto 3.6GHz or maybe 3.8GHz when I get my coolmaster v6gt tomorrow!!!)

    I can also certainly recommend water cooling. I used a Kandalf case, which has 3x120mm radiators, each with a fan, of which 2 i swapped out for Apache fans. on my old e6850, i over clocked from 3GHz to 3.6GHz and temps for CPU stayed at around 48C on full load. My main problem with over clocking more was that the RAM would overheat.
  3. What is the mobo ?
  4. It's an Intel X58SO Smackover motherboard. Do you think that I would get a better overclock if I switch to better motherboard like Asus P6X58D-E or MSI Big Bang-XPower? (I am not going to buy a new motherboard anytime soon, just curious)
  5. You mean DX58SO
  6. Please try updating the BIOS for the DX58SO motherboard, follow the link below:

    The older BIOS version sometimes could not control the temperature, this issue is corrected in the latest BIOS version.
  7. I would reduce the overclock if I were you, running the processor at those temperatures will dramatically reduce its life expectancy. I would aim for temperature of no more than 60 degrees on full load but to achieve this you would have to have water cooling or reduce the clock rate by a little bit.
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