£140 to burn - which G-Card?

Evening all

As the title says....I have £140...what's the best card out there right now for the money?

I think for the money I want to spend, it's between these:

GTS 250 1GB?

ATI 5770 1GB?

ATI 5830 1GB? (Slightly over budget)

GTX 460 768MB? (Again...over budget)

Thanks guys
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  1. GTX460 is the choice from that list, but how over budget is it? 30-50Euros?
  2. What about the fact that it only has 768MB? Gates like GTA4 need as much memory as possible dont they?
  3. ^ Depends on resolution,etc. For most games, that should still be fine.
  4. Hmm

    So I usually play Command & Conquer titles, Mount & Blade Warband, GTA4, HAWX, DIRT etc

    Maybe I need to stretch to a 1GB version?
  5. ^ What resolution? 1920*1080? If so, yes, a 1GB card will help a little bit but not much. This is assuming everything else (GPU clock,etc) are the same to the 1GB card
  6. Might just have to do that.

    I have a 600W Toughpower PSU...that gonna be enough for this thing and 'eventually' a Phenom Quad or Hex core?

    Do these cards need 2 PCI-e power connectors? I can just get like a molex or similar convertor right?
  7. Wow - this one has 2Gb - surely that's gotta be the winner here???

    (Although pushing the budget up a lot)
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