Best OC HSF for E6750 for around £15-20

hey everyone

I want to overclock my aging e6750 just to squeeze a little more performance out (especially since i dont have money for a new processor atm). what is your opinion on the best HSF for this processor/type for around £15-£20. there are two that seem to stand out so far from what i have read.

the Artic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 and the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus

Do you guys know of any others that might be good to consider ?

Im very new to the whole world of overclocking but, after reading some guides on the net, I have OC'ed the chip to 3ghz
and it runs at (according to core temp) 41C Idle and 55-7 Load and 67 during a Prime 95 test.

I dont really want to much beyond this atm because i read the max recommended temp for an E6750 was 70C (dunno if this is correct or not).

also what is the advantage/disadvantage of linked or unlinked FSB for cpu and memory ?

any help or advice on how to get the most out of this chip would be very appreciated :D

thanks very much


Thermaltake Toughpower 800W
Thermaltake soprano DX case
2GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer, 2GB Crucial ballistix (both ddr2 800)
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  1. Hello, the CM Hyper 212+ is a much better cooler than the other and also the best budget cooler available.

    I wouldn't really want my chip at 67'C for long periods of time. Personally I'd probably say under 65 is good but I would prefer 60 for a constant OC. Thats for me with my 7400, assuming there the sameish.

    I would have thought that your ram would have held you back by now (since its 800MHz)...What speed is it running at? I remember I think I had to OC my RAM slightly when I went for 4GHz, that was an FSB of 380 and I had 1066MHz RAM. Maybe your motherboard can lower the FSB:RAM multiplier more than mine...

    Also that is the main reason for unlocked multiplier chips as you can increase the processor speed without increasing the FSB. Which means you won't be held back my memory or the motherboard as much.

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